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"GC is not a game without its fare share of plot twists..."

The artificial intelligence (AI) you tend to come up against is slightly more difficult to gage. Most of the time we found the enemy tended to follow set routs and not really use a huge amount of intellect. Clearly they were aware of just what unit does what because each was set at locations and positions best suited to that unit. However the paths seemed pre-defined just the same, we rarely saw units whom having been defeated, would attack from a different angle. Still quite a challenge, but could have been more rewarding to fight had the AI been better.

Your own units are more intelligent (commanded by you =]), they also find the quickest way to a waypoint, yet do still tend to suffer from 'all go one way, a few go the other' syndrome now and then. However they will fire accurately on the run, thus making them harder to hit but at the same time loosing very little effectiveness.

Full of surprises

GC is not a game without its fare share of plot twists, sure you have your two political factions and all but there's a lot more to it than that. Underneath there's a brutal search to steal the technologies left behind by a past alien race. Not only that but the game itself switches the side you play for half way through, instead of playing for the Crayven corp, you suddenly find yourself on the side of the Dawnies.

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