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"To prevent these fans from blowing dust into your computer they have included a filter."

The HD 200 cooler comes with three, 40mm fans. To my knowledge this is one of the biggest Hard Drive Coolers on the market. Bigger is always better, right? Well in most cases that is true, but not all. The fans donít do any good if all they do is blow warm air onto the hard drive and then blow that air around the system. With this hard drive cooler that is not the case. Besides taking the hot air away from the hard drive, they also blow cold air onto the hard drive. This means a cooler hard drive, that will work for a longer period of time. How can I tell that the hard drive was cooler?. Well besides measuring temperature of the drive, before and after this cooler, their was also another hint. When I put my hand very close to the cooler I could feel a pocket of cold-air around it. Need any more evidence that this thing keeps your Hard Drive cool? Didnít think so.

What about dust? To prevent these fans from blowing dust into your computer they have included a filter. This filter is easy to clean and keeps the dust out of your computer, that these fans would otherwise bring in. In fact it states on the outside of the box that if you run this cooler in your system without the filter it can become contaminated. Bad stuff! So leave the filter on, unless you want to clean it that is(when your computer is turned off). Yes, as I figured you want to know how to clean this thing. All you have to do to clean it is rinse it in lukewarm water and then wait for it to dry. Once it has finished drying then you put the filter back in the cooler and its just like new. What youíre telling is that this cooler effectively cools down my hard drive, keeps my case cooler as a whole, and doesnít bring any dust into my computer? Yep, that is what Iím trying to say.

Onto another big issue. Noise. Many people complain that even though their hard drive cooler is effective, itís noise is unbearable. I feel that if a company couldnít spend time to provide maximum cooling effect with as little noise as possible, then their is no reason you should buy their cooler. That is not the case at all with the HD 200 cooler. You can definitely tell that the company spent some time designing and manufacturing this product. It was so quiet when I first installed it that I wasnít even sure that it was working. So I decided to open up the case and examine the fans, and sure enough they were spinning away. (Note: It is not recommended to remove your case while your computer is in operation). As I watched them spin I was just simply amazed at the fact that they produce so little noise. If you want nothing else but a quiet hard drive cooler, then go for this one. But, if you decide to buy this hard drive cooler, you will be getting a lot more than just a quiet hard drive cooler.

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