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"Not long after having explored and learned to understand the characters, disaster strikes."

Apparently our hero once saved the planet from certain doom and said evil has, yes you guessed it, come back for more. You play the game from a Tomb Raider style Third Person Perspective and your job is simple, stop the bug come large bear like alien beast from taking over the planet, again. You start the game off in a small village getting to know the population through walking around and watching cut sequences as you interact with important characters and events.


The controls are a straight and simple combination of familiar and smooth Mouse movements with some keyboard skills thrown in for good measure. As the game uses the Quake3Arena engine you can be quite sure that everything from camera positioning to smoothness is perfection itself. You only need bind a few keys and tweak the sensitivity just a little before everything is ready, simple.

Look out for the BUGS!

There's something about Fakk2 that feels so right, while walking around the town you begin to evolve yourself into the character. If you're a guy then that's a bit like becoming a virtual transsexual, but don't worry it's not half as scary as they say it is =). Sadly, as we are only too aware, game developers rarely let you explore the picture perfect world before something goes horribly wrong.

Not long after having explored and learned to understand the characters, disaster strikes. Suddenly a strange swarm of killer insects is upon the town and before long you're performing all kinds of Lara kicking Acrobatic stunts and sword swipes. It's at this point you realise that perhaps the game has a bit of a steep learning curve, there are some areas where no matter what you do, you'll invariably get hurt. For example, having dispatched one horde of insects we rapidly grabbed a poll and started to shimmy over the roof to the adjacent building. Half way across another swarm started to attack knocking us down several floors to a stone ground, ouch.

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