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"In comparison to Tomb Raider, Fakk2 literally blows it off the face of the planet..."

The same problem mentioned above seems to happen countless times in Fakk2, it's as though the developers don't want you to win the game and not the aliens. It's not just insects though; you come across everything from mutated bunny like creatures to large mechanical devils and mutant bears. Many of which appear at the most frustrating of moments giving you little to no time for reaction.

It certainly has the desired effect, before long you can barely move two feet without checking over your shoulders. The problem is you have to do it so much that it becomes more stressful than fun, especially when the game barely ever lets up for a moment. This leaves the AI; to be honest we didn't see any real intelligence behind it. Sure they'll doge left, right and up, but at the end of the day all they want to do is run at you with big scary things. Either way it's certainly challenging, yet at the same time frustration rains supreme.

Perhaps a little short

It's a pity the game isn't more visual with its story line, those not familiar with the Fakk universe might not understand it even after having completed the game. That aside and if not fast paced, tense and highly original in its execution, Fakk2 is one hell of a fun ride. Just be warned, as much as you'd like to, the slaughter of innocent townspeople will send you right back to the last save slot =).

In comparison to Tomb Raider, Fakk2 literally blows it off the face of the planet and right back to the jungle it came from. The lead Fakk2 character is far more versatile, capable of dual weapon combinations (Uzi + Flame sword = excellent at BBQ's), good looking and interactive. It's got everything that Tomb Raider never had and it does it perfectly, the story, the environments, everything!

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