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"Half-life was literally 95% longer than this and that should give you some idea of its lifespan."

Sadly despite some awesome level design and environments that take you from an immensely detailed town through to some atmospheric swaps, the game is short lived. It's not bad; it's just literally far too short. In fact it takes about as long to complete as Episode 1 in Quake and in truth that may have taken longer! (5 - 10 hours).


No sooner than you have finally made it out of the village then you're at the end boss and it's as though you've only played 15% of a game. This shouldn't be underestimated; Fakk2 is an astoundingly good game, yet the shortness easily nocks our final score down some way. Not to mention the unforgivable lack of multiplayer, an aspect that shouldn't have been overlooked, especially with a title of this calibre.

The type of person who'd like Fakk2 is anybody into action and adventure in the broadest sense of the word, just remember that it won't last long. Half-life was literally 95% longer than this and that should give you some idea of its lifespan.

The Quake3 Engine RULES!

Forget Halo, ignore Tribes2 and cast aside any of those lovely games we keep seeing that aren't here, Fakk2 is eye opening and it's here, NOW! Thanks to ID Software's sleek Quake3Arena engine, everything from textures to models has been meticulously detailed and textured. From weird cyber skeletal aliens with Uzi's to the sky scraping buildings in the centre of town, all are larger than life in Fakk2. The graphical quality is simply awesome; it helps build the atmosphere and universe around you to a tee.

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