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"Forget the length, buy it anyway and be astounded by its beauty."

24Bit textures and graphical effects are put to good use in this title and most of the models are built with smooth edges and curved faces. Better still is that you don't even need a colossal machine to run it, the Quake3 engine allows so much customisation that even a lowly P2-266 with a Voodoo2 could work fine. Of course if you have a GeForce2 then set everything to max and prepare for an experience unlike anything you've seen before.


Eyes play an important role

Without good sound, playing Fakk2 would be a little like a slow death, the same issues that constantly force you to check over your shoulders are also present in audio form. If your card supports A3D then the chances are you'll be better off because you can actually hear where your opponents are going to hit you from next.

Everything from the heavy rock soundtrack to the powerful metal bashing noise made by your Uzi is ear tantalising. Sometimes you'll just want to fire the Uzi and other weaponry just to hear how good they sound. Sounds are certainly used to excellent effect and the quality is top rate.

The Verdict

Fakk2 is a single player experience that tops the chart and fills the void left for several years after Half-Life's release. It makes recently released titles such as 'Kiss:Psycho Circus' seem weary and dated by comparison, which it is anyway. The only real downfalls are that of no multiplayer support and easily being one of the most short-lived experiences - ever!

Forget the length, buy it anyway and be astounded by its beauty.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 9.5 Sound - 9 Gameplay - 8 Originality - 8
Overall - 8.5 (85%)

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