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"Those with a sub woofer and volume at max beware, enough air comes out of them at times you could use it as a hairdryer"

Sound Advice

Part of what makes HW good is the sound and music; they use some famous orchestral tracks from 'Adagio' and mix it with strange Fifth Element style thumps and guitars to make unique and interesting back tracks. Rarely does it feel out of place with the on going action around you and always gives you an uplifted feeling, the music tells the whole story by itself. Possibly some of the best music used in a game to date.

Sound effects are also strong, huge bass using explosions and weaponry rip across the screen with thuds and thumps. Those with a sub woofer and volume at max beware, enough air comes out of them at times you could use it as a hairdryer. Sadly it misses support for established standards such as EAX, A3Dv2 and even DS3D so stereo with a sub woofer is the best you're likely to get I'm afraid. 3D sound would really have made a difference in this game, but how much is the question, it is my hope we will see something supported in future revisions.

The sound itself fits perfect with the universe, larger ships let out a slow drowning hum and smaller ones whine as they dash weaving across the screen. You really have to play it to understand just how well the music, sound, graphics and gameplay all fit in together to make this game great.

The Verdict

Homeworld could have had more depth in the Universe (hook up with other fleets for an attack, bigger asteroid belts etc.), it could have emphasised on trading further, yet it didn't. Thankfully the gameplay remains strong and despite the noticeable lack of 3D Sound standards and some of the graphics being a little rusty up close, it remains a strong and worthy game.

Rarely boring, massive reply value and always with a surprise up it's sleeve, trousers and even in its pants you're never likely to get board for long. However it can be difficult and as such demands a player that is willing and has the time to play it for hours on end, you can't always put it down once you have started. Something for any C&C genre fan that ever wanted a true challenge, no tanks here; no sir!

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 8 Sound - 9 Originality - 9 Gameplay - 9

Overall - 9 (90%)


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