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"The IBM75GXP is a very solid performing series from what I could gather in my meticulous testing of the drive."

Winbench 99

We compared the IBM Deskstar 75GXP to the Western Digital 20.5GB 7200RPM ATA/100 Drive, model number WD200BB. We ran the High End Disk Winbench99 to compare both drives.

Overall the 75GXP beats out the Western Digital by a few points in both the tests.

Should I buy it?

The IBM 75GXP is a very solid performing series from what I could gather in my testing of the drive. In addition to the performance, the drive also runs noticeably quieter than that of the Western Digital, which is most welcome. Though most of us are running with heavily modified cases and huge 120mm fans, so I don't know how much that would matter anyway?

The drive does run slightly warm (about 51 degrees C under load) without any active cooling applied, though this is to be expected from a 7200RPM drive. Some have hailed this drive as some sort of messiah to the ATA HDD world, unfortunately a messiah it is not. What it may be is a fast, solid performing drive with an exceptional capacity ceiling of about 75GB. Not to mention IBM's legendary reliability.

Thanks go out to Advanced Design KY for supplying us with this drive, check them out as they have the drive featured in this review for under $170!

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by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance - 9.5 Overall - 9.0/10

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