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"Another thing is that Force Feedback can sometimes be a CPU hog."

I decided to grade the wheel on 2 main categories, Force Feedback and everything else. Force Feedback was tested with the following games: NFS3, NFS4, Midtown Madness, and Sega Rally2. Everything else consists of price, feel, and programmability.

Now we will cover the FF effects that this wheel provides. FF was very strong and accurate for this wheel the majority of the time. But some of the time it was lacking, not providing any FF when there should have been some. On another note, The Force Feedback effects from this wheel were totally amazing. It takes an average racing game that supports FF and turns it into an “experience.” All I can say is that this wheel provides great force feedback effects for racing games. If you love racing games, you should definitely go out and buy a FF wheel.

Now to cover the nice and broad topic of, ‘everything else.’ The wheel and pedals were both solid and comfortable. They also felt like they were made of a solid material and not junk, which is a plus. On another note, using a wheel in racing games is a lot better than using a keyboard. The difference is unreal. If you have $60 and love racing games, then definitely go out and buy a racing wheel. So far, this wheel sounds great but the review isn’t over. The pedals were also solid, but sometimes slip when you push on them hard. All in all a very capable racing wheel.

Another thing is that Force Feedback can sometimes be a CPU hog. I have experienced slow-downs (P2-400 w/128Mb PC100, and 16mb TNT2 150/150) when FF is enabled. That was that quickly fixed by slightly lowering the graphics quality. That is kind of a bummer though, since you shouldn’t have to sacrifice graphics to use Force Feedback.

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