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"The wheel also moves up and down uncontrollably, which is a feature I do not particularly like."

The drivers made custom configuring this wheel for any game simple, fast, and easy. You can custom program this wheel for almost any game (even quake 3) through the provided drivers. The only thing that hurts on this wheel is the price, which is $130. The wheel can be purchased at many local retail stores, but I only found Office Max selling it on-line for $130. Overall the V4 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is a solid wheel with excellent Force Feedback, and a decent price.

Now we will cover the ratings. For Performance Iím spinning this wheel an 8.5. While a solid FF wheel, there are better out there. The main thing that was disappointing though, was that sometimes there was no FF where their should have been. The wheel also moves up and down uncontrollably, which is a feature I do not particularly like. Other than that, itís a very good wheel, and still a million times better than a keyboard. For price, this thing is a whopping $130! And Iím giving it an 8.0. While $130 seems to be the standard for most wheels, this wheel didnít measure up to that price. I envision this wheel $30 cheaper, as a great bargain, and definitely worth your money. But until then, I would recommend getting any wheel from ACT-Labs, the best FF wheel making company. Overall Iím giving this wheel an 8.2. While a huge upgrade from a keyboard, it doesnít measure up against other wheels as well as I would have liked. The other thing is that this wheel is not USB. Iím not really sure why it isnít, since USB is so much more convenient then a serial port. Anyway, in this package you are getting an extremely programmable, solid and FF crazy wheel. The pedals are very decent.

Excellent Grip
Wheel Feels Solid
Lots of Programmable Buttons
Pedals are solid
Long Cords for easy connecting

Pedals sometimes slip
Wheel can move up and down
Better wheels out there for $130

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.0 Performance - 8.5 Overall - 8.2

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