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"As you might expect they uncover a sinister plot, which results in much shooting, explosions and all manor of speed and pyrotechnics"

In all likelihood most of those reading this review will have some recollection of the early 80's. A time when music consisted of silly colourful people jigging around to excessively high pitched male singers and cars sounded more like tractors than the vehicles we know and love today. It was hardly the maddening and tough style image of the 60's and 70's when we all watched Ionside and sat around all day investigating the wonders of the VHS VCR.

Despite all that the proverbial boffins behind the swishy dishy guns and wheels game Interstate'76 are back and this time they have the 'BeeGees' to listen to and shorter hair!

It's a car Jim but not as we know it

The original Interstate seemed to strike an unusual cord with gamers all over the world when it was released back in 1997 to a very pleased public. Using an enhanced Mechwarrior2 engine and being one of the first games to use D3D for 3D Acceleration it took the gaming scene by storm. The combination of huge rolling landscapes, cars with physics, hud mounted weaponry, a strange yet enthralling story line and even some of the most sexy 3D graphics to date helped sell it like mothers best cookies.

Despite having ultimately strait forward gameplay it still attracted the favoured attention of many a reviewer and gamer alike. Not surprisingly the original developers having found this new found fame cleverly decided to make a sequel. In fact it's a sequel that was originally due out nearly a year ago and up until recently remained pretty unheard of. Until now when it has finally reached the reviewing hands of the Speedy3D staff.

Interstate'82 takes up where '76 left off with the gang from the original game split up, the story starts as we see one of the team chased down a road and possibly killed. As usual in the world of Interstate, all is not what it seems and the team is soon back hunting for clues to their missing comrade. As you might expect they uncover a sinister plot, which results in much shooting, explosions and all manor of speed and pyrotechnics.

Unusual gameplay

Until Interstate came along the concept of cars with guns hadn't really been covered yet and continued to be just a pipe dream. Essentially the gameplay in Interstate revolves around you driving down roads, participating in mass car chases, blowing other cars up with your guns and performing the occasional escort mission. All the while accompanied by speech between cars that aid you in unravelling the story, music that's better turned off and of course some rather spiffy movies.

Controlling the game is best done with a Keyboard or Keypad, very few keys are needed thanks to the gameplay mainly being a drive and shoot affair. The movements are spot on although this isn't a racing game so don't expect car physics to be too realistic. Essentially it's just a lot of fun to control and play with the AI on your opponents certainly providing for some interesting action.

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