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"The 3 fans donít even make a noise when they are running full bore."

When Global Win was thinking of a name for this hard drive cooler, they must have wanted you to think it was big, no I mean really big, like massive. Hence the name that they chose: King Kong. He is one of the biggest and most feared gorillaís in the movies. Will this cooler be one of the biggest and most feared that I review? Youíll have to read on to find out. First things first, installation and instructions. As I stated earlier this one came with instructions that made installation a snap. On this one you just mount the hard drive on the cooler and screw it in. Then you slide the cooler in and connect the coolerís connector to the power supply one way or another. Boot the computer up and watch the fans blow.

The 3 fans donít even make a noise when they are running full bore. Well, at least one good thing about the hard drive coolers so far is that they donít make a noise. This has really surprised me as I thought that 3 big fans blowing constantly would make a noise. Guess not. Oh yes and before I forget, was this cooler King Kong size wise? The fact is yes. Each of the three fans is weighing in at 4cm by 4cm by 1cm. The same size as the HD 200 hard drive cooler. One massive hard drive cooler if nothing else. Guess Global Win decided they would do more than just name this cooler King Kong. They would also set out to make it the King Kong of hard drive coolers in every way. Did they succeed? We shall soon find out whether or not this cooler can live up to the name of King Kong.

This cooler is basically designed to blow the hard drives hot air out of the case. This is a very simple yet good concept. It doesnít require the fans to blow cool air around the case, or something complicated like that. In fact even if your case has bad air circulation, this cooler will still be effective. It takes the hard drives hot air and blows it out of the system. So, for this cooler to work all you need is a hard drive that produces hot air or a lot of hot air by the hard drive. The more hot air that the hard drive produces, the more effective this cooler becomes. The Global Win King Kong Hard Drive Cooler is an easy to install and an effective hard drive cooler. The King Kong cooler does not produce a King Kong noise, in fact this was one quiet hard drive cooler. The cooler is also backed by a 2yr warranty so its guaranteed to last for a while. It retails for $25, which is a reasonable price.

The King Kong Hard Drive Cooler is an exceptional hard drive cooler which is available at a great price. Iím giving it a 9 for performance as I donít think any of us have a ďcoldĒ hard drive. Its getting an 8 for Price since its backed by a 2yr. warranty, and sold for $25. warranty. I felt that it should have a 3yr. warranty be sold for $20. Overall Global Winís King Kong Hard Drive Cooler get an 8.5.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8  Performance - 9  Overall - 8.5

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