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"The weapons offered are the standard Quake arsenal..."

The Horde, The Horde

The "Horde" Technology might be well for a great action packed scenes but in the setting of KISS it fails a bit, the problem is that there are every few different monsters that can "horde" (so to speak), the basic horde technology only applies to 3 of the most basic of enemies in the game: headless, stump and the gasbags which are spawned in the game by Spawners spread around most levels. At the start it's a great addition to the game but this wears on thin at the latter levels, as the constant onslaught of enemies becomes repetitive and boring. Furthermore the monsters don't have AI that compares very well to today's shooters, they just run towards you and start attacking, there is non of the tactical and group attack strategies of Half-Life troopers that would have worked so well here. This makes player strategies non-existent as you just shoot, run away and shoot again at a distance.


The weapons offered are the standard Quake arsenal, you have a standard melee weapon, a shotgun, a machine gun (called the zero cannon), a rocket launcher, and a BFG sort of a weapon which is unique to each avatar but still same in the operation (all enemies die). One thing that I liked are the melee weapons, each being unique to the avatar that uses them, for the 4 types of avatars there is a whip, a sword, an axe and a cat claws gloves. Many games include melee weapons but their effectiveness is lax, in KISS however the weapons are actually powerful enough to use in no ammo situations, the whip is the best as you can scale walls in parts of the game like Indiana Jones.

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