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"How could you have a game based on KISS, without KISS music?"

Music for the people

How could you have a game based on KISS, without KISS music? In parts of the game there are jukeboxes or radio receivers playing some KISS music, if that gets to annoying or you just loath KISS you can step back, pronounce various W H Smith censored words and blow the jukebox to hell. The music on the whole is dark and moody, giving the game an overall depressing atmosphere, but during action sequences this changes to a more action music to spur up the atmosphere and sometimes before facing imminent death it all gets real quiet. Sound effects are pretty detailed; you can hear the enemies explode in a million pieces when you effectively use the rocket launcher or as you strike the whip against the flying gasbag, you hear it strike his belly and under the enormous pressure of his inner "gases" he ruptures like a melon and his gibs fall all around.


Judgment Day

KISS offers little in innovation in First person shooter game play, but it offers homage to the old school gameplay of the classic ID games. It's what games where originally made for, to get on the PC and have some quick fun before returning to the needs of normal life. The game does have a few drawbacks but in all it is worth the money you pay for, it offers fun weekends through its diverse 20 levels of gibbing mayhem. Third Law offered a polished game as their first release and even smacked their ex-employers Ion Storm in the face by making a game that's like Diakatana but ten folds better, look at it, it has 4 realms like Diakatana's 4 time plains, offers diverse monsters like Diakatana, there are amour "shards" along the way to boost your powers like experience gaining in Diakatana, and has a sword like.... well you get the flow.

by Fred 'Doomie' Agza

Graphics - 6.5 Sound - 8 Gameplay - 9 Originality - 4
Overall - 7.5/10

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