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Data Transfer
PCI bus

Audio Quality
16-bit, mono/stereo 4kHz to 48kHz

API Support
Microsoft DirectSound 3D hardware accelerator
EAX, A3D 1.0 and Sensaura Interactive Positioning on 2 or 4 speakers or headphones
DirectMusic hardware accelerator
Legacy audio compatibility provides support for older DOS games Accelerates Microsoft DirectSound in hardware
Compatible with Sound Blaster Pro and DirectInput

MIDI Support
Yamaha XG built-in synthesizer with 2MB MIDI hardware Wavetable GM (General MIDI), GS (General Standard) and Yamaha XG compatible
Effects: reverb, chorus

Digital game port/MIDI MPU401 UART port
Stereo Line-In
Internal CD-audio connector

2 independent stereo outputs to connect 4 speakers
S/PDIF Digital output with optical connector (optical cable not supplied).

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