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"Plug it in. Boot up your computer. Load the drivers. Reboot. Done."


Plug it in. Boot up your computer. Load the drivers. Reboot. Done. There were no problems what so ever during installation. Guillemot even includes a nice full color step-by-step installation guide, to help even the best of us.

Haven't I heard all this before?

Considering that the FORTISSIMO supports A3D 1.0, EAX 1.0, Direct Sound 3D as well as Sensaura 3D positional audio, this card should not have any problems going up against the likes of Aureal and Creative's in the 3D sound arena. The big question is, how does it all sound? Since the FORTISSIMO utilizes a Yamaha made chip-set it is very likely that reproduction of both A3D and EAX based calls will fall short of what you would have heard from a genuine Aureal or Creative card.

First I tested sound quality in both EAX and A3D based titles. Since 3D audio is most important/noticeable in 3D shooters, I used both Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life (does not support A3D 1.0) to conduct my tests. While I must say the FORTISSIMO's reproduction was decent, it falls short of what you would hear from a genuine A3D or EAX based card. Sounds were not as rich or full as they would have been from real A3D or EAX cards, and left a little something to be desired. Connect an additional 2 speakers to the rear channels did not make much more of difference then simply making the sound feel a little more full.

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