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"...Messiah offers a refreshing assortment of new visuals."

Graphics and Sound

Boasting a totally unique 3d engine (yeah, that's right no unreal or quake 2) Messiah offers a refreshing assortment of new visuals. Shiny decided to use a polygon scaling architecture allowing this game to run smoothly on a wide variety of systems. There is an option in game for you to set the desired number of FPS (frames per second), and Shiny's engine will make the necessary modifications to each scene to reach that score (by scaling the number of polygons used to render that scene).

While not on par with games such as Quake 3: Arena and Unreal Tournament, the graphics were still very good, with nice amounts of detail. Weapon effects were what I expected, as were character animations, both were nicely done, and on par with what we have come expect. There were no major graphical glitches found, and clipping was at a minimum (note: I was using the latest 1.2 patch).

3D audio is present taking the form of EAX, A3D, or DS3D. 3D audio in the game was quite good, and often added a bit of atmosphere to the overall gaming experience. In game music was done by none-other than Fear Factory (yeah!). While very enjoyable, the music was a little different from what I had expected from a band that is almost all heavy metal.

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