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"After playing through the whole game, which was very short I might add, I can safely say "wow"."

Messiah plays with a style quite that's quite unique. Though a 3ard person adventure game, the normal keyboard/mouse combo was the best method of control (just like in 3d shooters). Unlike 3d shooters, bob's character was particularly hard to control, especially while trying to complete one of the game's many jumping puzzles. Like most of the jumping puzzles in the game, you must de-bunk your currently possessed character, and use bob's little wings to fly from one ledge to another. At times this can be very difficult, and was only marred by bob's limited flight, and inadequate controls.


Messiah's array of weaponry is, for the most part, nothing new. The "cops" have weapons such as rifles and sub-machine guns, not to mention grenades and other explosive weaponry. One relatively unique weapon is known as the 'pak'. A fairly weak weapon, the 'pak' shoots ice shards, which will slow down and freeze the enemy for a short period of time. The 'pak' also gives your character limited flight capabilities resembling an inspector gadget type of helicopter contraption.

After playing through the whole game, which was very short I might add, I can safely say "wow". Level design was great, with a certain Blade Runner feel to each one. There was plenty of action, and not too much of that find the key, open the door style of play that we all have gotten used to since quake (with the exception of a few).

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