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"Weak little bob is sent by God to cleanse the wretched earth of all that is evil..."

Over three years ago the Messiah team at Shiny Entertainment set out to create a game totally unique from what the gaming the public had ever seen. Attempting to stray away from the typical 3ard person shooter, Shiny's Messiah allows you to play as over a dozen different characters throughout the course of the game, all of which must be "possessed" by bob, your little cherub.



Following a short FMV sequence at the beginning of the game, your character, bob, crash-lands in the gloomy future of humanity. Weak little bob is sent by God to cleanse the wretched earth of all that is evil, and restore peace order. Bob alone is small, weak, and defenseless, with no real skills other than possession. Luckily, this is the only skill that he needs.


Messiah contains a whole pile of different characters in which you can posses and deposes during the course of the game. From small rats found roaming the sewers to the huge lumbering fifteen-foot behemoths, bob can acquire the body of nearly any living entity in the game. Each character in the game has their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages, all of which play a critical role in your progression though the game. For example, to complete one puzzle, you must posses the body of a rat (which can be tricky to do at times), and navigate narrow passageways through a carnage filled sewer.

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