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"...well for one its stunning controls and physics, not to mention that swell AI (Artificial Intelligence)..."

It's like driving a dream!

So what makes the 5th incarnation so much more than any that have gone before, well for one its stunning controls and physics, not to mention that swell AI (Artificial Intelligence) under the bonnet keeping it all together. This is a drivers dream; the TNFS5 engine has also been given the 'realistic physics' treatment, now your car actually moves like a real one and feels like it to.

Turn left and your car rolls then pitches left with the right amount of bounce to simulate suspension, watching this on screen can only be described as 'eye grabbing', something you can't say about a whole lot of titles. The controls themselves are also impressive, this is the first racing game where we've been able to attach a steering wheel and actually feel like we were really driving. It's as smooth and just as temperamental and sensitive as the real thing.


For those that can't afford a wheel, then save up because this is one game whose full enjoyment can only be brought out by using one. Thankfully the usual keyboard, joystick and pad controls do exist and work without flaw, they just don't feel the part.

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