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"No matter what you do, the track you take or the mode you start, it's always JUST about basic racing."

Strong yet unoriginal

NFS5 is a deeply involving racer, it's a challenge and then very rewarding at the same time, but what it's not is original. While you can race on very wide and lush tracks, perfect for gameplay, there simply aren't enough of them. At the start you are allowed to play four, a couple of extra unlock in time and you can use the old 'mirror track' tricks and such, which does have a great effect. Environments range from seaside coasts (common) to lush green fields and forests, however the core gameplay is always the same.

No matter what you do, the track you take or the mode you start, it's always JUST about basic racing. There are no 'police chases' and not enough 'special' routs to truly give the game the advantage and depth it needs above the pack. It's still the best in the NFS series so far and we might go as far to say as the best racing game of its type in existence. However the lack of true game originality means it could easily be toppled by the likes of 'Midnight GT' or some other racer in the near future.

Why not have a 'cops and robbers' mode [al-ah Midtown Madness] or one not far off 'Destruction Derby', even the police 'pursuit' mode would have helped. Thankfully NFS5's simple yet desirable gameplay is enough to keep most people happy for a long time to come, you may even be able to get such modes in a future patch, who knows. One thing is for sure; it's currently the best of the genre, but for how long? Nobody knows.

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