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"Unlike most other coolers, the fans on this particular unit aren't just screwed on the heatsink."

Size: 137x58x44.6mm

Unlike most other coolers, the fans on this particular unit aren't just screwed on the heatsink. In this unit a plastic cover holds them in place. This cover is also used as a fan guard making it impossible for loose wires to get shredded in the fans. The unit fits on my BE6-2 (barely) so there shouldn't be any major problems with the size, though some of you with smaller mainboards may experience problems.

Some have criticized this unit for not having "ventsink" as seen on some other popular units. Ventsinks are holes in the heatsink that let the fresh air from the fans reach the cache chips. Some holes are present but they're very small and not aligned with the cache chips like they should be. But this could be a nice advantage if your planning on using spacers to cool your cache chips. The underside of this heatsink is totally flat, and the heatsink itself is very well crafted and showed no faults of any kind. Vantec even engraved their name and logo in it, a nice finishing touch.

The installation was pretty simple. Just pass the four pins of the heatsink through the processor and secure the unit with the clip. I had to try this more than once to install the clip. But once done properly, the clip locks the processor very tight, which is good. A single 3-pin connector powers both fans. This might be useful for some of you if you only have one available plug on your motherboard. The down side of it is that you can only monitor one fan's RPM. It would have been better to put two individual connectors and to include a Y adaptor.

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