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PelTEC 72w Peltier Kit

"A peltier unit creates an impressive amount of heat and you will need a big heatsink to cool..."

Donald from PelTEC was kind enough to send me one of his peltier kits for review. PelTEC specializes in peltier products; they have everything you could possibly need for your peltier setup. They also sell their kits with a wide variety of heatsinks. I tested their 72w peltier kit with an Alpha P3-125. The kit includes:

  • 1 72w peltier unit
  • 1 1/4" copper cold plate
  • 1 rigid aluminum back plate
  • 4 screws
  • 1 tube of silicon
  • 1 blister of thermal paste
  • Some closed cell foam
  • 1 Instruction sheet

When building a peltier setup, there are four points that you must not overlook. First of all you will need a good heatsink. A peltier unit creates an impressive amount of heat and you will need a big heatsink to cool it down. The kit I tested was meant to work with the Alpha P3125 witch is one of the best if not the best heatsink money can buy. Second, make sure your PSU is powerful enough to handle your peltier unit. PelTEC recommend a 300w PSU to use a 72w peltier. Third, since the peltier dumps all its heat inside your case you will need some additional fans to cool your case down. And last but most important, make sure the peltier is well insulated. A peltier can create some condensation in seconds without proper insulation. All the insulation you will need is supplied with the kit so just follow the instruction and you should be safe.

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