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"The sheer size of this mouse takes some getting used to..."

Plug Her In

The Razer Boomslang can be installed using either USB (which it natively supports), or to a PS/2 port using the USB to PS/2 connector that was supplied. If you choose the first option, you are going to need to make sure that you have installed the supplied drivers before you proceed. Windows cannot automatically recognize the Boomslang without the drivers first being installed, remember, this is not your ordinary mouse.

Installing to a PS/2 port is pretty much the same. The drivers must be loaded before connection, and you must first turn off your computer before plugging it in. While the USB port is obviously faster than the PS/2 kärna let's you adjust the polling rate (speed at which the mouse and computer communicate) while connected to the PS/2 port. Options range from 10 to 200Hz, whereas its best to run the mouse at 200Hz, giving you the option to change the polling rate is a good idea, especially if you run into any problems.

The sheer size of this mouse takes some getting used to, particularly for people with small hands, or those used to using one of Logitech's little mice. We didn't find this to be much of a problem, though, the scroll wheel can be a little difficult to reach at times, and does not scroll as smoothly as we would have liked. You may also notice that the buttons are extremely easy to depress. This takes a lot of getting used to, as often times simply placing your fingers on them would result in an undesired click.

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