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"If it wasnít for the fact that gameplay was so mediocre then Shadowman would rock..."


Just so you donít think Iím simply being run over by hordes of Evil Monkeys coming from Ryanís computer, Iíll lay a few ideas on the table to make this game better. SM doesnít seem to know what type of game it is, try adding some NPCís that you can interact with by the simple touch of a key, just having random replies would be an improvement and add more depth. Add some more in-game interest on each level to make things more unique and less repetitive, like somebody gets flattened as a tunnel caves in and then you have to find another way around; at the moment SMís levels are far to linear. Add some scenery instead of just basic level layouts, the earliest levels and later ones are really the only good ones, for the most part the levels are just dull. There are just a few of many suggestions popping around in my head, take note.

Ok so how does it look?

If it wasnít for the fact that gameplay was so mediocre then Shadowman would rock, all it needs is a little more in to stop it becoming a simple blast-em-up when itís constantly trying to be something more. Thankfully itís not all bad, the evil monkeys at Speedy3D have seen fit to really give us a game with extremely sexy graphics. Textures are all high quality and help to make the otherwise dull levels something different. Itís only a pity most levels donít have a specific theme otherwise I could have said, ďThe textures match the environments they portray very wellĒ. Sadly Shadowman doesnít define its levels much beyond a simply name which being fictional is hardly going to tell us what itís about. There are just a few levels like the first which do show some signs of being unique and cleverly made, pity this doesnít go for all.


The graphics are not ahead of their time but they are far from being behind, a well set out array of effects and texturing to the highest quality really help make the SM that little bit better. A VooDoo2 or TNT2 would be fine, but anything below might have trouble-running SM due to a fairly up to date and texture hungry engine.

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