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"This was the hardest review I have ever had to do so far, the game really lacked any true structure..."

Sounds good too?

Once again all is not lost, if there is anything thatís done well in SM it would have to be the sound, fitting to each environment comes a spew of groans, hisses, chirps and even the low toned cry of an African tree frog. The sound quality is extremely high, although itís a pity the inclusion of A3D and EAX 3D Sound systems werenít present as it might have added a little more to the levels you run through. Well I guess thatís sound advice. The sound is indeed used well and any music is strong and pounding, hard to describe though but I would call it a mixture of rock and innovative use of ugly sounds (you have to hear it to know it).


The Verdict: This was the hardest review I have ever had to do so far, the game really lacked any true structure and thinking of words to write about it only made me realise this more and more. Itís a good effort though and well worth a play on a rainy Sunday if you havenít picked System Shock2 or Tiberian Sun up yet. However for the more money conscious out there, hold on; as Shadowman will only keep your attention as long as it takes to smoke a cigarette.

Well-hyped game that could have been so much more, still fun when thereís nothing else to do.

by Mark Jackson

Rating (out of 10):
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 6
Originality - 6
Overall - 7 (70%)

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