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"Graphically SZ really pulls it off and putting into words how good it looks is hard."

The environments you play range from cities to strange alien worlds and all are immaculately textured and presented. The closest comparison for its gameplay is Shogo but Slave Zero far exceeds that and presents itself in a much more detailed and up to date world. Whether your on easy or hard mode it still remains and firm and true challenge for any gamer, possibly to much so for some people.

Look at the pretty colours!

Graphically SZ really pulls it off and putting into words how good it looks is hard. With enough bandwidth to have hundreds of moving objects in a lively city, highly animated characters and a 3rd person point-of-view at over 30fps, Slave Zero's engine breaks out from the competition. Slave Zero is a 65foot environment mapped, bump mapped, mip-mapped, gouraud shaded, multi-textured, multi-resolution, adaptively animated hunk of attitude!

Textures are 16Bit but add in 32Bit rendering from a TNT2 or better still a G400 (Bump Mapping on this card pushes SZ way ahead) and the explosions and lighting around you come alive with beauty. Everything is detailed, from the tiny people to the huge mechs, it's almost inconceivable that any engine could run this at speed, but it can and does.

Just remember that you will need the likes of a Voodoo3, TNT2 or G400 to get the most out of this title, as it's still very demanding. Thankfully it's all worth it when you start to play the game and realise how deeply involved it can get you.

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