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"Much like in Shogo you're likely to be attacked from the roads by people and cars..."

Much like in Shogo you're likely to be attacked from the roads by people and cars, while from the heights by foes with their own exoskeletons and from the air by helicopters and jets. It's challenging and rewarding all at the same time, you almost don't notice the fact that you're constantly fighting the same styles of enemies in similar situations over and over. That's because the scenery, mission objectives and styles of movement you have to use to complete various objectives are constantly changing.

Feel the force

From the word go you have to be as sharp as an arrow or face instant death, this is one game you can't afford to lie down on. As you pedal through the cities the onslaught of various opponents is almost endless, blast one to bits and there's two more waiting behind. Enemies simply explode in huge flashes of light, smoke and fire that give you a remarkable sense of achievement.

To this end the gameplay may not seem original in comparison to the likes of Shogo:MAD but is actually very different. The way your attacked, move and the looks of the cities are far and away from the awry 8Bit love of Shogo. Especially when you shoot up your system into 32Bit colour, but we'll get to that in a moment. In the end the gameplay is quite original but most importantly it's a lot of fun, however you might find yourself getting tired of the slightly repetitive feel by the time you have seen it all in the closing stages of the game.

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