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"The game is based off of the one-shot kills military style of gameplay..."

One-shot kills

Soldier of Fortune (SOF) is built off the tried and tested Quake2Enhanced engine like so many others have used (Sin, Half-Life etc.), so it stands to reason that elements such a controls and graphics are already likely to be of a very high standard. No more so than in SOF, a game which sees you as a lone solider (mercenary) who gets sent on missions around the world to recover several nuclear devices.

The game is based off of the one-shot kills military style of gameplay, so no matter what gun you have, a quick hit to the head and even the toughest of foes should fall. SOFs controls are obviously perfect, thanks mostly to the use of the Quake3E engine and some of Ravens own enhancements, Q2's controls have always been smooth and very easy to configure and use. So whether it's ducking, jumping, strafing or just running then it's all here and it's flawless.

SOFs unique selling point is its environments, unlike most games SOF doesn't base its world on fantasy so much as reality. Everything from buildings to NPC's (none player characters) has been realistically modelled, textured and then placed into one of SOFs many worlds. Such worlds range from Icy mountain bases to the dark and dusty underworld of some German docks and huge mansions.

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