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"...I crept up behind a guard and knifed him, moments later I was ambushed by half a dozen who seemed to know EXACTLY where I was?"

Realism Kills

With SOF having such realistic looks right down to your footprints left after exiting snow or water, it stands to reason that the game must also follow the realism trend and follow it does. In SOF, people's heads, arms, legs and even 'nether regions' can be blown clean off in all their bloody glory and we mean bloody. This game is truly designed for those over the age of 18, although a low-level violence version is available for the more faint of heart.


It's so detailed that if you shoot somebody while they're down then their body jumps from the friction of the bullets entering their flesh. Such use of advanced locational damage has so far never been seen until now, there's almost no limit to the kind of masochism you can perform on up or down subjects. Kinder makes you wonder what those media types would say while watching somebody happily mutilate an already dead victim with their knife =).

Aside from the clearly high levels of violence you also have the AI (artificial Intelligence), sadly this is one area that could have been improved just a little more to make things perfect. Enemies do duck, jump out of the way, roll, run around to get cover and generally do a lot to evade you, but they aren't actually that clever. With a game this realistic, it's a shame when you see the obvious lack in areas that could have been expanded upon.

For example, you have just sniped a hostile and moments later a guard happily walks by his body and doesn't blink or spare a second glance, simply carries on walking. From what we could gather, the game relies mainly on gun shot sounds and direct line of sight before any hostiles even make a move, it sometimes also seems to know when a hostile is killed despite me making no noise what so ever. For example, on one of the snow levels I crept up behind a guard and knifed him, moments later I was ambushed by half a dozen who seemed to know EXACTLY where I was?

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