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"Thankfully SOF accommodates by adding some slightly more original modes such as 'Assassin'..."

The game could have been vastly improved by adding an element of stealth to the play, as it is there simply isn't enough or it doesn't work properly (as above). This has the negative effect of turning SOF into a more basic FPS (First Person Shooter) that may look good but at it's heart is still a point and shoot game with very little else built on-top, a pity.

I'm a big soldier look what I can do… [BANG]

However despite SOFs failings in the AI regions, it is still an almost mercilessly good game that feels a little like Sin from Ritual, but is miles better. The gameplay is fun and we deeply suggest you go for at least a middle difficulty, easy levels are just too, well, easy =). In being constantly placed in new countries with new missions and weapons (which you can buy yourself, more you kill the more you make $$) you never notice that the gameplay itself remains much the same and that's the way it should be.

It's certainly not repetitive; it's mildly original and as fun as pumping a horse full of firecrackers and setting them off - whooo look at those chunks fly! Multiplayer is yet another area that needs a look, although the only problem is that it's multiplayer modes are a little, well, done. Mods for Quake2 such as Action quake and others for Half-Life like Counter-Strike have already covered much of the modes and gameplay involved. In the on-line world, one-shot kills style of play has been around longer than we can remember.

Thankfully SOF accommodates by adding some slightly more original modes such as 'Assassin' (can you guess?) against the common CTF, Teamplay and DM variants. It's fun, fast and very loud with lots of gruesome violence and we love it, although at the end of the day if you find SOFs multiplayer appealing then you're more likely to find the likes of Counter-Strike ten times better. Essentially we like it but it's nothing original or that hasn't been done before, about the only thing to keep you going is knowing that any moment somebody else will be gibbed in an entirely new fashion not seen before =).

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