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AVB Sonix S-2000 Flat Panel Speakers

"Founded in 1973, AVB boasts a history of quality, long-lasting, high performance products."

Founded in 1973, AVB boasts a history of quality, long-lasting, high performance products. They are recognized as one of the world's premiere joystick manufacturers. AVB's specialty emphasizes OEM products. Most manufacturing occurs in their certified ISO-9001 compliant factory in China. Our parent company is Anko, Electronic of Taiwan. Anko has sold more than 1 million joysticks annually in each of the last few years.

AVB currently employs approximately 350 people worldwide. Their headquarters are located in Taiwan. AVB has been a success with their sales increasing each year.

AVB heavily emphasized R & D into future of gaming, with new technologies advanced systems, high-end devices, and specialty niche items always on their drawing boards. While focused on employing state-of-the-art technology in their work with game controllers, AVB also stress the importance of working in conjunction with game software companies. Too often there is game with features that no available device can use or vice versa. AVB strives to bridge this gap often found between game developers and manufactures of game devices.

Their Flat Panel Speakers create a wave instead of a beam, which enables them to produce sound, that is more realistic to the listener.

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