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"These days, installation of hardware components has become extremely easy."


These days, installation of hardware components has become extremely easy. The SQ2500 is no exception. The PCI card fit snuggly into its PCI slot. Next, I booted up the computer, installed the drivers when windows called for them, rebooted and was finished! Just in case you have any problems, the included manual contains a step-by-step installation guide, when the going gets rough.


Included with the Aureal SQ2500 are quite a few nifty little software programs. The included programs are mostly geared toward music creation and editing with the exception of a few games, Slave Zero (OEM version), Heretic II, and Drakan. For music editing and creation Aureal included Future Beat 3D (allows you to build 3D music compositions), MIDI Orchestrator 32, AudioView 32 (music editing tool), and finally Aureal Vortex Player, Aureal's own MP3 type player.

The 3 included games' retail value almost matches that of the SQ2500, making this package one sweet deal. On top of that the 3 included music creation/editing tools are another nice addition (although you are most likely not going to use them). Aureal's included MP3 player is a bit of another story. While it does the job of playing MP3's, it is relatively simple, and featureless making it nothing more then a hollow freebee.

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