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"Running CD audio through the SQ2500 is unquestionably an uplifting experience."

How does she sound?

Simply put, this is one of the BEST sounding sound cards I have ever heard. The sound is absolutely incredible, clean and clear from music to games and back again. This card definitely went beyond my expectations.

Running CD audio through the SQ2500 is unquestionably an uplifting experience. The sound was very clear and concise; this was partly due to the fact that the SQ2500 has a analog CD to CD/DVD-ROM connector to pull sound directly off of the CD (this is included with all sound cards today). I can't stress enough how good CD audio sounded while being pumped through the SQ2500.

MP3's sounded just as good as it should have. Running MP3's at 128 kbps, and 160 kbps sound quality was extremely good. Using both Winamp and Aureal's included Vortex player I listened to a number of MP3's from Mozart to Korn, each sounding absolutely incredible.

Now onto my favorite part, DVD sound quality. Using both the analog input, and the S/PDIF, sound quality was nearly theater quality. Using PowerDVD 2.5 as my software decoding utility I was able to play DVD movies, and use PowerDVD to enhance them through A3D, giving me that 'virtual surround' sound effect using only 2.1 speakers. Using 5.1 speakers through the included coaxial S/PDIF connector the sound was stunning. Running both 'The Matrix' and the digitally THX mastered 'Aliens' sounds were of unparalleled clarity.

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