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"Once you hear A3D 2.0 in full use, there is just no going back, not even to EAX."

Now, for the pride and joy of all A3D 2.0 based cards, games. Using the supplied Slave Zero and Drakan CD's, as well as Unreal Tournament and Half-Life to test A3D 2.0 sounds, I can safely say A3D 2.0's 3D positional audio is incredible. In direct comparison with EAX, as far as games and sheer 3D positional audio titles go, the SQ2500 is better. True A3D 2.0 3D audio completely destroys EAX in everyway possible (positioning is just plain more realistic). CPU utilization is also at a nice low (compared to what it used to be for A3D based cards), making A3D even sweeter in the performance enthusiast's eye.


Overall the Aureal SQ2500 is one attractive deal. For $89 you get not only the divine SQ2500 card, but also a whole wealth of additional software products from games to music tools. I would categorically recommend this card to anybody shopping for a new sound card, or in dire need to upgrade his or her existing one. Once you hear A3D 2.0 in full use, there is just no going back, not even to EAX.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 9 Performance - 9.5 Overall - 9.5

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