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"Out of all this we can only describe the gameplay as heart fully original and BIG on fun."

Multiplayer is very much the same, as usual with C&C games it's team orientated and bares a passing resemblance to Total Annihilation (TA). You choose a side and join in a game that could have anywhere from two to eight! players with large bases and angry fleets. The ability to choose an alliance is always there and you can even exchange ships/resources during mid battle - something that even TA never got quite right.

The environments you get to play in require a little more description; you basically see your ships floating on a grid amidst a huge mass of planets, moons, asteroids and nebula. With the exception of asteroids and planets, all the rest can be used to your own tactical advantage. Some mask your ship, while others can do serious damage. For example you could jam your enemies sensors and then have that same one follow you through a dangerous nebular where they get lost and blow up into tiny pieces, hurray =)

Out of all this we can only describe the gameplay as heart fully original and BIG on fun. It's a challenge to make it through all the races as each is slightly harder than the last but it's almost always rewarding. Sometimes the levels can become a little repetitive, seen one nebula - seen them all, although this is usually lost in the depth of the gameplay itself. There's very little that could be done to improve Armada gameplay wise, although being able to control individual units from inside might have been nice touch.

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