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"250 million pixels/sec fill rate peak for outstanding 3D."

Now, the Specs (hey I know they’re boring).

Powerful 100% 3D OpenGL in hardware:
100% OpenGL in hardware
Elsa's unique in-house OpenGL technology
100% Hardware Triangle Setup for fast geometry processing
TwiN-Texel (TNT)
32-bit pipeline
Single pass multi-texturing support
Texture blend support including bump mapping, trilinear filtering and Anisotropic filtering
Per pixel perspective correct
texture mapping 32-bit (including 8 bit stencil) or 16-bit Z-buffer (floating point or integer)
Anti-aliasing in hardware
Streaming SIMD Extensions implemented for Pentium III

Under the hood:
250 million pixels/sec fill rate peak for outstanding 3D
8 million triangles/sec peak for geometry through-put

Unbeatable 2D Performance:
Award winning Elsa Driver technology for high performance drivers
DirectDraw in Windows 95 and Windows NT
Optimized to meet color and resolution requirements of CAD and 3D professionals
High resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
Refresh rates that challenge your monitor
Support for 24" monitor
Complete DirectX 5.0 and DirectX 6.0 Support
Optimized for Pentium III
Used Pentium III advanced instruction set for high-performance geometry processing

Bus System: AGP Graphics
Controller: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2
Display Memory: 16MB SGRAM or 32MB SDRAM Texture Memory Integrated Pixel Clock: 300 MHz integrated
Dimensions: 182 mm x 122 mm (not including the mounting bracket)

Minimum System Requirement: Intel Pentium® 133 MHz or compatible CPU, 16MB RAM, PCI 2.1 compliant , one available PCI 2.1 or AGP 2X or AGP 4X slot with Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT. Windows NT 4.0 requires service pack 3. Pentium III requires SSE must be enabled.

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