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"The section that is the most important on all other graphics card review but not that important on this one."

The section that is the most important on all other graphics card review but not that important on this one. The main reason is that the SYNERGY II is designed for real-world acceleration and until I can own some $700 product there is no way for me to test that. I performed the customary Quake 2 and 3D Mark Max99 Pro tests because they say you are also supposed to be play some decent games on this card. I also tested half-life figuring that it was a “decent” game. So all games were tested with sound disabled except for Quake2 where it was set to max. performance. All tests were run 3 times to ensure accuracy. V-sync was left enable because after-all this is supposed to be “real world.”

Test System:
Pentium2 400
Biostar Mobo
128MB of PC 100 RAM
ELSA SYNERGY II TNT2 16mb Graphics Card

3D Mark Max99 Pro Scores:
CPU 3D Marks
16bit 1024x768 - 3911 CPU 3DMarks
16bit 1152x864 - 3893 CPU 3DMarks
16bit 1280x1024 - 3890 CPU 3DMarks
32bit 1024x768 - 3910 CPU 3D Marks
32bit 1152x864 - 3904 CPU 3D Marks

3D Marks:
16bit 1024x768 - 3279 3D Marks
16bit 1152x864 - 2930 3D Marks
16bit 1280x1024 - 2405 3D Marks
32bit 1024x768 - 2660 3D Marks
32bit 1152x864 - 1643 3D Marks

16bit 1024x768 - 108.7 m/texels
16bit 1152x864 - 108.1 m/texels
16bit 1280x1024 - 107.9 m/texels
32bit 1024x768 - 95.8 m/texels
32bit 1152x864 - 92.3 m/texels

Fillrate w/multi-texturing:
16bit 1024x768 - 198.4 m/texels
16bit 1152x864 - 197.0 m/texels
16bit 1280x1024 - 197.1 m/texels
32bit 1024x768 - 172.4 m/texels
32bit 1152x864 - 168.3 m/texels

Quake 2 Scores
Crusher Demo S II(all scores are in frames per second):
16bit 1024x768 - 30.2 fps
16bit 1152x864 - 29.4
16bit 1280x1024 - 27.9
16bit 1600x1200 - 26.5
32bit 1024x768 - 28.7
32bit 1152x864 - 27.9
32bit 1280x1024- 26.6
32bit 1600x1200 - 26.5

3D Winbench 99 Scores:
3D Winmarks - 749
3D Lighting + Transformation 28.2
Anti-Aliasing 27
Texture/small 70.6
Texture/medium 54.9
Texture/large 54.3
1024x768x16 59.1
1024x768x32 34.2
3D Transformation 65
Specular Highlights 51.5
Fog 54.5

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