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"CPU utilization of this sound card is a little above average but nothing to worry about."

Will it blow out your eardrums?

Probably not, but the 3D audio quality of the Montego II Quadzilla is simply amazing for a card available at this price. Of course it's not going to match the caliber of Creative Labs new SB Live! Platinum with the Live! drive, but then again it's priced a few hundred dollars less (and it was released well before the Live! Platinum). The caliber of the audio of this sound card blew me off my feet and I haven't come back to earth yet. Hats off to Turtle Beach for an excellent job on this sound card.

CPU utilization of this sound card is a little above average but nothing to worry about. And if you are worrying about it then I suggest that you upgrade your CPU first and buy a sound card later.

The part that you've all been waiting for, how this sound card performs in games and music. Listening to music on this sound card is nothing spectacular but it will allow you to listen to all your favorite MP3's and Blink 182. This sound card performed beautifully in all the games I played it in, especially when I had my four-speaker system blaring sound. The sound in Thief, which uses A3D 1.0, was simply amazing and so realistic I was actually scared at some points during the game. When I tested a version of Half-Life using an A3D 2.0 patch it was simply amazing, it was sound taken to the next level.

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