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"Overall I really thought that Turtle Beach hit a homerun with the bundle..."


Installation of the Montego II Quadzilla wasn't a problem at all. The drivers and cards both installed flawlessly as expected. It seems as though Plug n Pray is actually becoming Plug and Play, which is about time.

Software Bundle

One of the strong points of this sound card is its extremely useful and ear-pleasing bundle. Coming with five programs for your ears and one game, you can tell that Turtle Beach went all out when putting together the bundle for this sound card. With the Hip Hop eJay demo provided you could create your own songs and decide if you'd like to buy the full version, which has many more features. The game that they wrapped in this bundle, X-Wing Alliance, is a blast, and also shows off some of A3D 2.0's amazingly realistic sound effects. To top all of this off this game has provided me with more fun from a game then I've experienced in a while. Audio Station 32 is certainly not going to turn you on but it's a necessary part of the bundle considering it is the CD, WAV, and MIDI, controller. For all your digital audio editing need Turtle Beach has slipped in AudioView, a very nice program. For those of us who like to play instruments on our computers, MIDI Orchestrator Plus is a powerful program that should have you up and running in no time. Sound Check is a multimedia diagnostic program, and does just that.

Overall I really thought that Turtle Beach hit a homerun with the bundle, but to hit a grand slam they would have needed to include an MP3 player/editor.

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