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"Suddenly T2 comes alive as you begin to have an aching feeling that you really are in another world..."

Hold on a moment.. THIS IS NO GAME!

It's hard to point out any one specific in T2 that makes the game so involving and as full of depth as the deepest of oceans. One more obvious area might be in the AI (Artificial Intelligence), something that can often make or break a game and is usually the most important element after graphics and control. Put simply, T2's AI surpasses just about every other FPS on the planet. It's not scripted, rout planned or anything like that, it's just plain clever.


Unlike other games, even the NPCs (None Player Characters) in Thief2 can play as much of a role as the most important of PCs (Player Characters), the AI is the real selling point behind this one. Any NPC can run away, warn guards, get help or try to defend themselves; it's your job to make sure don't.

Suddenly T2 comes alive as you begin to have an aching feeling that you really are in another world, a world with so much realism that it's hard to bring to words just what life in this existence is. It's as though everybody around you is alive, able to move, fight, speak and even act like a real person. The moment you discover this is the moment the game comes alive and its true depth presents itself to you, never again will you look upon FPS's in the same way, never again.

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