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"The AI in Urban Chaos is harder to gage, I found it like looking into a jar of syrup for the sugar."

Compared to the smooth complexities found in all the Tomb Raider games, UC just ends up looking sad and pathetic. A little more work, a few more animation frames and a slightly different response time coupled with more movement options and it wouldn't be so bad.

The AI in Urban Chaos is harder to gage, I found it like looking into a jar of syrup for the sugar. The enemies appear to have some intelligence but then there is also the feeling that they are scripted and will only follow a set path. The reason for this is because they always lead you to where you should be next rather than just randomly trying to shake you off, eluding you in the city. Either way the AI is a challenge yet the rewarding feel is lost when you begin to suspect everything is not so dynamic as the game designers would like you to think.

One big city, one confusing mess

UC lacks the much-loved multiplayer mode and concentrates chiefly on being a single player experience. As you run, walk or drive through any of the cities the atmosphere around you eventually envelops you into its world. Whether it's sunny or raining you find the many people, cars and buildings around you give a feeling of real life. From the puddles on the street corners to the eerie glow of a town's nightlife you are engulfed by a world that oozes atmosphere.

UC can only really compare to 'The Nomad Sole' but without the RPG style of play tagged on. Based more on action and exploration UC is in a genre all of its own and for that it can only be commended. Gamers that would like UC are those that find the looks of 'Nomad Sole' enticing but wish for more action to have come into play. In a way it's like running around a city you made in SimCity3000 and solving crimes like Sim Copter did all those years ago.

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