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"...both 3dfx's 2x and 4x FSAA looked much better than Nvidia's incorporation of FSAA."


Test System:

AMD Athlon Classic 750MHz
FIC SD11 Rev1.1 Mainboard
Aureal SQ2500 Sound Card
Western Digital 20GB 7200 RPM HD
Windows Millennium Edition
VSYNC was disabled

3D Mark 2000 1.1

3D Mark 2000 is one of the best D3D based benchmark programs around. Though the speedy helicopter scene down to the bone crushing RGP fly-by demo, this program makes any video card sweat. VSYNC was disabled for these tests, and 3dfx's new geometry assist function was enabled (let's see if this helps them).

V5 5500 PCI is in marron, GeForce2 GTS 32MB in blue.

The GeForce2 GTS ran circles around the V5 5500 in both 16 & 32bit modes.

Here the V5 5500 really struts its stuff by offering not only better looking 2x FSAA, but also slightly faster than the GeForce 2.

In this test we can see that the V5 5500 PCI takes a huge performance hit to do 4x FSAA. Nvidia's GeForce2 oddly seems to do 4x faster than 3dfx can which makes me skeptical as to whether or not the GeForce was truly doing 4x, but regardless both 3dfx's 2x and 4x FSAA looked much better than Nvidia's incorporation of FSAA.

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