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"You may have noticed that we opted to omit Quake3 from our tests."


You may have noticed that we opted to omit Quake3 from our tests. We feel that, while Quake3 is a good way to test performance, it is far to outdated to be a proper way to gauge the capabilities of this new card. Instead, we went with some newer benchmarks, one synthetic and a few games that try our hardware more than any other. 3Dmark 2001 was an excellent choice as its synthetic nature allows us to take accurate benchmarks of a wide range of cards. We chose to utilize Mercedes Benz truck racing, and Auqanox as our two tested games.

Test machine

  • AMD Duron 650 at 866MHz
  • KA266-R DDR Mainboard
  • 256MB Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM
  • Creative Soundblaster LIVE! X-Gamer 5.1
  • Pioneer DVD-114 10x DVD-ROM
  • Plextor 12/10/32A IDE CD-RW
  • IBM 45GXP 7200RPM 45GB IDE HDD
  • Visiontek GeForce3 64MB
  • Nvidia Reference Detonator3 v12.00

3Dmark 2001

We ran the default benchmark on both the GeForce2 and the GeForce3. We also ran the default benchmark with 2x and 4x FSAA, we didn't run Quincunx as it wasn't available on our GeForce2. We ran these tests using pure hardware T&L.

NOTE: You can also view our 3dmark 2001 summary here.

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