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ECTS Live Report 1999

"ECTS is Europes biggest computer and technology trade show"

ECTS is Europe's largest event for the interactive entertainment industry and Speedy3D's Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson has been sent to cover it.

Below is a 'Live' updated list of what we have seen, so you know what we have added I have a little *update* paragraph or so below this.

*Update 4(Everything done)*

I spent a good few hours putting the pages together so I hope you enjoy them, we have updated just about every one so they are all worth a look. Lot's of new shots and some coverage not done by others.

*Update 3 (The Last Day)*

Ok I am finally back from ECTS with a pile of press CD's, magazines and god knows what else. We have a few things you won't have seen before (small exclusives) and a hell of a lot of extra information. Remember this page is just designed to give you the jist of what was shown at the mighty ECTS.

Please give me a day or so to get everything up, I will update hourly.


- Half-Life: Opposing Forces
- Incoming: Forces
- TeamFortress2
- Unreal Tournament
- Quake 3 Arena
- C&C: Renegade
- Warcraft3
- StarSiege: Tribes2
- Delta Force2
- Hostile Waters
- Off Road
- The Death Race 2000 (Carmageddon 2)
- Star Trek: New Worlds
- Star Trek: Klingon Academy
- MDK2
- Messiah
- Freespace2
- Giants
- Warmonkeys & Iron Strategy (No Shots, just a rant)


- Dreamcast - a brief look
- Final ECTS Report
- GeForce256 sneak peak
- VFX3D vr Helmet
- Sexy women!

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